rai·son d'ê·tre

We live in a world with non-stop news sharing constant problems nearby and around the world. Our four-member board has been involved in the field of social innovation for a combined 59 years and we have been involved in constant reminders of social problem solving. It is an optimistic field of work.

Today's university students are learning and have experience with social impact in all its forms. Most of these students are smarter that we are, more creative, and inherently interested in solving the world's problems. University Impact provides a place for the best students to refine their practice and become social change agents.

University Impact’s long-term vision? 750 students, 50 experienced coaches—all solving some of the world’s greatest problems.

Oh, and we’re hiring. We’re looking for someone who is retired, has experience in impact investing (or maybe just VC/Private Equity experience), and is looking to work 20 hours a week.


Todd Manwaring